Silk-Screen Printing

...or "serigraphy", if you prefer. The fancier word for silk-screen printing derives from the Latin sericum for "silk" and the Greek root graph for "picture" or "image." As far as garment decoration goes, screen printing is where it's at, and our automatic presses give us huge economies of scale without forcing us to sacrifice care or attention to craft.

For nearly 30 years we’ve taken an uncompromising stance on quality, and been guided by dedication to our clients’ needs. As such, to guide each project from conception to execution, we offer a full suite of ancillary services: design and consultation are available through our Sales + Graphics team, and services like Pantone-matching and pre-production sampling are also available upon request. Check out our Portfolio above for a look at our work.

Post-Production Services

In addition to printing, we also offer a wide variety of post-printing options, or "finishing", as we like to call it. This is ideal for resale, marketing, giveaways, or even just giving your finished product a professional look.  Whether you’d like to add a tag or create your own personal "inside neck print", we have you covered.  Services include: individual retail fold / tagging / poly bagging / hangers / inside printed neck labels / pre-packing bundles (see photos below).